Buy Mobile is a project to envision the
multi-channel retail service of the future
in the context of transition spaces
and transportation systems.

Retail businesses are looking to digital experiences and services
to give them a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Pioneering startups hope to beat the marketplace using distributed service models.

My responsibilities: Research & Ideation


Ethnographic field Research
Before developing concepts, we conducted a day of ethnographic field research observing habits of transit riders to understand how they might interact or use digital services while on the go.

Business Models
We analyzed various communal, mobile and retail emerging business models

We created 3 personas based on our observations:

Business model planning

Customer Journey Mapping

The team mapped the main journey, and placed the personas on top of it so we can
see the individual journeys 
and understand their needs better


My project team produced two of these concepts: Dimmi and Show of Hands.

Dimmi is a service that matches “guides” with riders who want to learn
skills while in transit.

Show of Hands is a public opinion poll linked to distributed city-wide events.
It gathers opinions of transit riders for companies, while recommending local businesses to visit for the riders.

Show of Hands



For the final phase of this project, we split into new teams to make the final booklet, presentation and website.
My main responsibility were to create the customer experience diagrams and storyboards.

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