Supporting the hotel’s reputation
and in order to improve the hotel bar’s
attraction, we created animated installations
on the walls of Divano, personalized
in real-time for bar clients.

Park Hyatt Milano is a five star hotel best known for its award-winning service
and Michelin star restaurant VUN. On the other hand, its bar and all-day dining venue,
The Park Bar, faces several challenges and is not as successful.

My responsibilities: Research, ideation, prototyping, interaction design & animation.


Observations and Interviews

In order to understand the client and the bar's main problems, we began exploring the bar's surroundings and looking at people's behaviors in and outside the bar. We tried to understand why Milanese people don't go to hotel bars usually, what are their habits and culture regarding food and hangout places around the city.

We analyzed different bars that are in the area of the hotel, visited the hotel itself and talked to the staff. In addition we questioned several people, using a poll online and face to face interview.

Looking into Italian habits, keeping in mind that the bar is becoming to a functional all day place, we understood that coffee is an inseparable part of the culture. Speaking to the staff of the hotel, we understood that the service and personalization means a lot.

“We have very authentic service…You really mean it and show the guest how much you care. We make them feel like they are at home...but still keep some distance, but friendly...warm.”

Stakeholder Interviews

Through stakeholder interviews with Park Hyatt Milano management, we identified several problems with the current venue.

The current design of Park Hyatt bar limits the visibility of the place and the service offered inside. Any new design for the Park Hyatt’s bar should emphasize both the specialties of the place and provide a unique experience that will make it become a destination for Milanese locals who are not used to attending hotel bars.

Existing Solutions

The team examined some playful interactive solutions



Once we understood the main problems, we saw some opportunities and values
that we could enhance to create a new branding and an interactive installation
that will help these values thrive and make the bar more attractive to the local
community without losing the upscale values that already exist.

We decided to create animated installations on the walls of Divano, personalized in real-time for bar clients.
Each animated installation has different inputs: gesture recognition, pressure, proximity and audio that reflect
different happenings in the bar (either by the clients or by the staff),  as well as for "behind the scenes”.  

Accordingly, we re-branded the bar as "Divano", Upscale Italian home, and accordingly
created an interactive installation as our solution.

The Interactive installation we offer is animated pictures/illustrations on the walls of Divano.
That supports the hotel's reputation for award-winning service and the bar’s new brand as
“Upscale Italian Home” with the values of comfort, friendliness, personal service, visibility,
familiarity, transformability, selected quality and vintage styling.

We decided to focus on these values combined with the objects and create something
that will make the bar more visible in a way that will not disturb or interfere with the good
values that already exist. The project includes both digital and mechanical animations.
The digital animations are shown in screens on the wall and the mechanical animation
is a printed collage illustration that moves by motors


The different animations we created are personalized in real-time for
bar clients and staff in a non-intrusive way. There are different inputs for
each animated installation: gesture recognition, pressure, proximity and audio.
We used an Arduino Uno, an Arduino TinkerKit Shield, Maxuino,
Max/MSP and a homemade pressure sensor to power this installation.



“Divano” creates an experience that acknowledges the presence of the customer in the space
and make the service feel even more personal, similar to how one might feel comfortable in an Italian home.
Each installation creates this feeling in a different way.

The animated bartender emphasizes specialties that are essential to the Park Hyatt brand of personal service.
The waiter turning on the light at the entrance welcomes the guests into the space.
The dog joining the guest on the sofa underscores the brand identity as both friendly and familiar
and the bar scene displays the energy of the crowd.

This installation can be scaled or expanded to feature other parts of the service,
most importantly, the kitchen staff preparing food. The animations could also be customized based
on what clients are ordering, if integrated with the bar’s POS system.

The installation can be expended for the bar’s facade or window to display the activity inside the bar,
using the animation linked to the volume inside and can also be used for commercial purposes,
sponsors and special events.

Client: Park Hyatt Milano Via Domus Academy Master in Interaction Design
Interaction Design: Julie Blitzer, Hadar Geva, Goksu Karaguler
Visual Brand Design: Ray Yen, Stephannie Yuan, Arber Racaj

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