Fiorucci’s Love Therapy

😅️ Fun fact: During the work on this project, Elio Fiorucci himself complimented me for wearing a certain shirt, he said: “You look like an easter egg but with courage!”  best. compliment. ever.


Elio Fiorucci’s "Love Therapy" together with "Kobalt" by David Moscato wants to create a new brand extension that will place the company into a new market while keeping core values of both companies and brands, using the gnome brand characters that symbolize love and happiness.

In order to tell the story of the gnome as the “protector of the garden” while spreading love and happiness, we created "Love Seeds". "Love seeds" uses these values in the context of the garden. By taking care of plants and having the ability to participate in a community, Love Seeds offers the opportunity to create a physical-digital spin-off experience while staying true to the Love Therapy brand.


While researching different brand extensions, analyzing "Love Therapy" and "Koblat"s business models we tried to understand how to create a new product that will keep in line with the values and intentions of the two companies. After this process we could understand better which directions we can choose.

One of the main values that came out from this process that we decided to focus on was "Nature" and specifically "love for nature", Fiorucci  himself is a vegetarian and pays a lot of attention to nature in his products and said in this context: "Things that have been done with the heart are good…".

We decided to create a product, "Love Seeds" that will bring the back the nature to people's daily life routine, make them connect, create and through that spread some happiness around.

After listening to Fiorruci and David moscato and choosing our direction, we understood we need to create a story behind the product using the same existing values and "to go wherever no gnome has gone before".
At first we wanted to create knowledge around gardening and through that create a strong connection to the product, but quickly we understood that knowledge exists in a lot of existing products which will be hard to compete with like Parrot's "Flower Power", which has a very high quality sensor that can give information about different parameters and also connects to an application which can guide you through the process.

Discovering this kind of product led us to turn to more of a "fun" direction and create gamification around the plant growing. We started looking into fun small engaging games.
When researching other kits and understanding this market a bit better we came across with different products such as "Caterpillar" and "Funky veg kit".

We decided to create an interactive experience through an application that will complete the experience of "Love Seeds" and create a community and enhance the experience around the gardening hobby.


The Love Seeds “kit” comes with several components:
A pot in the shape of a log which contains soil and pre-planted herb seeds.
A floating gnome figurine equipped with 3 LED lights- located on the hat of the gnome (1) and on each cheek of the gnome (total of 2)
An instructional leaflet containing the registration code for the app and a brief explanation of the Love Seed App community features
Soil “palettes” each with pre-planted seeds.

- The Vase and Sensor  -

The vase is in the shape of the log, and the self-watering mechanism involves a floating gnome figurine that will emerge from the log to indicate whether the pot needs water or not (the figure floats when it has enough water, and the figure sinks and only the gnomes head will be visible when more water needs to be added to the vase- the app will also display a notification). The Love Seeds “vase” has a hollow body that allows the user to fill it with water from a hole near where the gnome figure is located.

The gnome is also equipped with a sun-sensor on the top of his hat and the hat will light up and indicate when it needs to be placed in the sun or given more shade. This notification will also appear on the Love Seeds app.

- The  Love Seeds App -

The Love Seeds Application offers users the ability to participate with the Love Seeds product on a digital platform. On this app the user can customize their digital avatar, choose the notification colors for their digital gnome, see who is growing a Love Seeds plan in their area, share plant progress and get inspired on gardening related projects. The user can also integrate their Love Seeds account with Facebook and Twitter and will have the ability to see which of their friends have joined the network.

 - Market Placement -

Love Therapy, with its bright colors is eye-appealing, be featured dedicated shelves in trendy high-end design focused department stores in Milan including The Design Supermarket at Rinascente, the first floor of Excelsior and Croft.

The price of this product could range between 34-45 Euros. The product itself would be sourced from quality materials and is meant to be a nice gift that can last for many years, rather than a cheap, disposable item.

Client: Love Therapy | Domus Academy Master in Interaction Design
Team Members/Interaction Design: Hadar Geva, Isabel Pleno
Team Members/Product Design: Lucas Rosin, Georges Karam, Iacopo Capone