IxDA & Gates Foundation:
Student Design Challenge

We finished second place of over 70 applicants! Thanks to everyone who mentored, co-designed and supported us through the 72-hour challenge at interaction14 ✌️️


"Information for Life" is the Student Design Challenge for IxDA's Interaction14 conference.
I entered together with Julie Blitzer, a fellow student at Domus Academy's Master in Interaction Design. To read the challenge brief visit interaction14.


We explored existing solutions in this space, both for developing rural areas and digital tools available in more developed nations. We believe inspiration can be found when looking at analog communication and documentation systems in other sectors, such as pill organizers and the wall charts used to measure child growth worldwide.

After exploring and understanding the problem, we came up with the following criteria for the new health record and its service model:
(1) durable, (2) analog and digital, (3) permanent in the home, but portable for visiting health providers, (4) communicate using visual graphic language and text and (5) a visual reminder or calendaring system for upcoming vaccination appointments.


Grow with Kirikou is a service system that uses tradition to make modern medicine more accessible. Many children in developing areas are not immunized because modern medicine appears to be at odds with local customs and influencers like traditional healers. The kit holds health records for all of a family's children and includes a card set used to teach best practices for neonatal care and remind caregivers when to return to health providers for additional immunizations. Key cards have tear-off pieces for milestone events that will be given to a community leader and added to a public visual representation of the life journey.

Grow with Kirikou is designed for the Bemba tribe in northeastern Zambia. Kirikou is a widely-known African story about a boy who overcomes obstacles by asking questions. It also uses the Bemba concept of life, a journey from west to east, were the main deity Lesa resides in the sky.

Grow with Kirikou could be adapted for any region if the key traditional elements are updated to reflect local customs: (1) storytelling mascot,(2) community leader, (3) home keepsake and (4) life metaphor.