Maily allows kids aged 3 -12 to communicate in a safe creative way with their parents,
grandparents, friends and other loved ones.


At my time working with Maily I focused on different objectives. Some of the main ones were the onboarding and signup processes.  
The process included usability testing, benchmarking and UX design. Maily is a cross platform product which should be very safe for kids,
yet allow adults to use it without feeling childish. The onboarding process was structured in a long tiring way, so that it took some time until users got to the ‘magic moment’.

Process & Solution

The initial onboarding process and full flow:


The Improved onboarding flow helped users experience and understand Maily faster and increased converstion.
The parents were able to see the app’s value faster by creating and sending their first message to their kids during the onboarding process which showed them the value in Maily right away.

More about Maily Here