Motionize has developed proven pioneer technology that gives players real time biomechanical analysis and technique corrective feedback. The kayak sensor, is being used by the US national Olympic team and other elite paddlers around the world.


I joined Motionize for a 3 months period to help the team solve some product and UX issues dealing with users interaction with the interface while rowing the kayak, using two motion sensors (one on the paddle and the other on the kayak itself) and a phone.
We needed to figure out how users can interact with the interface easily and efficiently while rowing (their hands are busy), setting up before they start and viewing their results and process once they’re done.

Process & Solution

I lead various usability testing sessions, observing and questioning rowers.
Once we got a better understanding of the rowers needs, we explored different interface solutions, extended the usage of the sensors to navigate the different screens of the app, and developed additional features to support tracking and alerting different events.