Motionize has developed proven pioneer
technology that gives players real time
biomechanical analysis and
technique corrective feedback.

"Motionize Paddle" tracks your kayaking sessions and helps you reach your goals.
Whether it's your first time paddling or you have been paddling for years,
Motionizes' advanced algorithm learns your individual kayaking style
and through powerful technology provides Real Time feedback.

My part in this project: I joined Motionize for a 3 months period
to help the team solve some product and UX issues dealing with
user interaction with the interface while rowing the kayak.


The rowing is being moitored by two motion sensors -
one on the paddle and the other on the kayak itself, and the users’ phone.

Having both hands busy, we needed to figure out how users can interact
with the interface easily and efficiently while rowing, setting up before
they start and viewing their results and process once they’re done.

Questenniere, Observation and Interview Sessions

I lead various usability testing sessions that included observing, interviwing
and recording rowers screens.
An interesting find was that besides some
techincal issues of connectivity, watching the screen required stopping
due to issues with visibility - reflections, and that interacting
with the interface was not as easy as expected.


Improving the interface and Interaction

Once we got a better understanding of the rowers needs, we explored different interface solutions,
extended the usage of the sensors and used it to navigate the different screens of the app,
and developed additional features to support tracking and alerting different events.

One of the issues that we found during the research is the visibility of the screen while rowing.
I changed the interface to be dark, since darker colored dashboards produce less reflected glare,
which increases visibility in this case and increased font sizes, buttons and more.

Before (left) & After (Right) - Aligned to branding, changed way of navigation between different states, changed indication for R/L paddle in length gauge. 

Before (left) & After (Right) - Rowing log

Before (left) & After (Right) - Map view

Smart Couch and Using Voice

I also helped developing a ‘Smart Coach’ that will be able to give immidiate feedback
to the rower in a clear way using sounds and instructions.

The smart couch would give the user both feedback on what you can do better and also instruct you how.
While the users were during rowing, it would use voice, and later on, the user was able to read more about it.

The kayak sensor, is being used by the US national Olympic team
and other elite paddlers around the world.

Motionize’s team monitored the changes, itterated as needed
and kept growing - expanding to SUP boards and more.

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