The AnapnoGuard AG100s Control Unit
serves as an integrated, multi-purpose
airway management system,
highly effective in protecting the lungs
and tracheal tissues from infections
and tissue injury.

The Control Unit provides effective and advanced cuff pressure control
by continuous monitoring of CO2 leaks around and above the tracheal cuff.
When CO2 leakage is detected, the Control Unit automatically adjusts
the cuff pressure to ensure trachea sealing at the lowest possible pressure.

The product takes a very important part helping COVID19 patients.

My Part in this project: In this project, I adjusted the previous UI and created
micro interactions to reflect processes and statuses better so that caregivers
will have a better, clearer understanding of indications for different situations
reflected on the device’s screen.

Project was made for Usense



Working with a human factors expert, I redesigned the interface of the system.
I added micro interactions to reflect different processes, changed proportions to allow
easier interaction, cleaned up the interface to remove clutter and more.
Before (left) & After (right) - making the menu and the process clearer, cleaning the interface, making buttons clickable area bigger

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